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What a great product!

I faxed from the comfort of my home. The app sent it and let me know when it was delivered.

Bend over!!!

Once you sign up for their “automatic charges” it is impossible to stop them. I have asked for THREE consecutive weeks to opt out of the billing as I only used the app once. They keep charging me. It’s a $$$$mine!!!!

Love this app

I love this app it’s so easy to use. I’m so thankful someone thought of this.

SCAM!!! Do not download!!!

To download this, they will give you a week free trial. However, there is no way to deactivate the account! This is illegal and I have notified them and they informed me that they can not deactivate accounts either. I have an active complaint with Apple about this

App works great but....$$$$

App works great when you need it but you can’t manage your subscription like it says and you can’t cancel it. When try to send communication on subscription it asks you to send information on troubleshooting


Okay as transmission app. But just try to stop a subscription. It is not in Customer Settings, nor anyplace else found easily if at all.

Didn’t work

I bought 1 week and tried to send documents about 10 pages It was no working

Impossible to cancel!!

Didn’t work. This app is impossible to cancel!!

BEWARE! Auto-Renews @ $24/mo!!!

What a scam! I never even used this app but had downloaded it. Months after the download, it started charging me $6/week! I didn’t notice at first because I had made some other purchases, but realized after 5 weeks and $32 later...all for an app I didn’t use. Apps that do this should be MUCH clearer that this will happen automatically without notification. It’s no better than phishing or a scam, unethical and unscrupulous business practices! I wouldn’t support this company if I were you.


Great app

Worst app

Horrible they charge u and it does not work. Can’t unsubscribe.

Review of my experience

I didn’t appreciate telling me the app was free and when I continued was told it was a 3 day free trial and my account would be charged $5.99 a week. I immediately canceled the account hoping that my request will be handled immediately . No phone numbers to call , just an email address to send your request . I don’t understand why everyone to hiding the truth about their apps when up front information would be best .

Great App

This app works fast and great. I highly recommend it:-)

Rip off

Don’t download this app!!! Automaticity signs you up for a subscription that last a year at 51.00$

Tricky Auto-renew payments

Make sure you know how to manage iTunes subscriptions. You can’t change your subscription inside this app, you have to do it through iTunes. I was hit with a $5.99 charge despite the app telling me I had zero credits. I thought that meant I wasn’t enrolled in anything. Refunds are also processed through the iTunes Store, which is another step and another pain. Now I am going back through my iTunes account to make sure I was only charged once. App worked well, but the payment system is tricky. Next time I’ll be using something else that has a more straightforward payment system, better user interface, and easier customer service.

Best thang

This handy app is good for when you are on the go and live in the business world, and hard to get to a fax machine

Do not use

This app does not work at all. I was never able to send one single fax. Bought it to avoid going to a Copy Center to send a fax and ultimately ended up going to the CC and paying AGAIN for the service... al least I received the service at the CC. This app is a total waist of money.

Best faxing app ever

I have tried numerous faxing apps and this is the one anyone can use that needs to fax on the go for personal or business use. Unlimited faxes each month is awesome!!!

Great app to faxe worldwide

I love this app, and I also use it to faxe anywhere even my country Senegal in West Africa. Easy to use and great.... Thanks!

Great program but they bait you

I have been a member with these guys for months. They’ve had issues where the faxing doesn’t even work. I’ve been on the 9.99 unlimited per month and wondering why faxes were not working. Well seems like they updated the app and it never sent an update to my phone. I go back to the App Store and see BPmobile just released this version while I’m still paying for the last version that I can’t even convert my membership over to the improved app. I just cancelled my last subscription just now and I believe that you guys at BPmobile should credit me at least two months worth (20.00) to a new subscription to the updated app. That was very misleading and I was paying for something that wasn’t working the last few months.


Does not send faxes clearly, they come through to the recover microscopic

Not happy with app at all

This app doesn’t work I’ve tried to contact this customer service person to get my money back or fix the problem and neither has happened yet..

Does not work

Lucky the first couple days are free because this app is a joke and will not work, the reviews are mostly paid or program bots to make it sound like it’s good.


love it


Seamless and easy to use—simplified convenience.

Fax App

I was VERY HAPPY with the pricing options. Especially when I had seen that the app even offers just a PLAN for ONE WEEK for just $4.99 because I’m a SUPER BUSY Mom of 4 and I MUST HAVE these SIMPLE, EASY TO USE phone apps available to me BUT I do NOT want to get stuck HAVING TO CHOOSE a plan where I’m STUCK paying EVERY MONTH when I only fax things MAYBE twice a month!!!! UNFORTUNATELY I’ve ended up pretty UNSATISFIED with this FAXING APP for my IPHONE because out of ALL the FAXES I sent, I had ONLY 2 of them SUCCESSFULLY SEND and had been RECEIVED, meanwhile it tells me that my fax has SENT than about AN HOUR LATER, is when I am NOTIFIED that the fax had FAILED TO SEND!!!!! I have the CORRECT fax numbers that I’m sending to and I also have a STRONG connection to my Wi-fi when at home, as well as I ALWAYS check that my SERVICE PROVIDER signal is FULL before sending any fax so I’m led to believe that this is a FAULT of the APP itself??


Had an unpleasant experience. Downloaded the app willing to pay and the documents didn’t fax, couldn’t unsubscribe and kept being charged.

Got the job done but canceling was a pain!

I downloaded the app because I needed to send a fax quickly and had no access to fax machine. It’s something that works quickly and it got the job done. However I couldn’t send the fax without adding subscription. Canceling the subscription was more of a hassle than downloading the app or uploading the content that I need to fax. The application does not show you or provide you with any information as to how to cancel the basically mandatory subscription. Honestly if I had not read a previous review I would have not known how to cancel. They should definitely provide their customers with such information. If you’re going to cancel your subscription you HAVE to log onto your iTunes on your computer, then go to your subscriptions, select manage subscriptions and then cancel. For those reasons I am giving you a 3 star review


Great access convenient from home


Very good and easy process. However, the subscription process was confusing in that I did not see or notice feedback from actions taken. Ken


Great app and very handy.



Wrong charge horrible customer service

I wanted the .99 rate I was charged $50.99, and a week later they tried charging me $3.99. Just to fax one page. Choose a different app with better tech support.


Great App very useful. I can get a lot done faster on the go ! I love it


I would give zero stars if I could. The quality was so poor that after being charged $60, I still had to run down the street and have my document faxed elsewhere. I have attempted five or six times to get ahold of someone regarding the issue and a refund as I cancelled within two hours of ordering this worthless app. I have yet to get a response. This was three weeks ago. Nothing. Not even an acknowledgement of my complaint. There isn’t even a contact number listed to call. I was under the impression that this was a month by month subscription, I did not realize I would be charged the full year all at once. I would definitely not have paid $60 for this knowingly. It’s a scam.

Be Careful, Difficult to Cancel Subscription

The fax service works fine, but it’s a pain to cancel the subscription, as they continue to charge you every week, even though you’re no longer using the service. I had to find instructions which was posted in another review to do it. I guess it’s part of their shady business model.

Works great!!

This app is awesome!! Absolutely love it

App kept renewing my subscription

The fax part of the app worked rather well and easily but the app kept renewing my one week subscription and I couldn’t cancel it. Paying a lot of money now for something I only needed once.

If I could give this a big 0, I would

This app says it cost $.99 for free trial so I tried it, and it cost me $54, and now I can’t get my money back. SCAMMMM Unless you wanna pay $54 a year, don’t try this. We just wanted to send one page for $.99 like as advertised, but they lied. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡

How to cancel.

It did what I needed it to, but I agree, I felt a little duped into the auto renewal. For those on here freaking out how to cancel, and apparently have never had a subscription on an ithingy before,,,On an iPad go to settings, tap on your appleID should be in blue, it will want you to enter your password. Then you will get a screen scroll down to subscriptions, tap on that, then you will see the app, tap on that, option at the bottom in red is cancel subscription, it will ask you if your sure, click ok. And then your done. I’m assuming all the people on here complaining have never had a subscription to anything with apple as that’s how it’s been done for years. My only beef is I don’t recall when I ordered the weekly service seeing anything about auto renewal or it wasn’t sticking out until I saw I’d been paying for it for like two months every week.

Misleading information - Rip off

Advertise .99 but the charge was for .99 per week. Got charge $50 and won’t let me cancel charge or change until after the 50weeks'!!!!!!!! Yuck!


They make it virtually impossible to cancel your subscription. I’ve tried for 3 days now, sending email to them and through my apple login. I can’t get anyone to respond. I signed up for the .99/week plan, thinking that was how I would get charged but they charged my credit card for the entire year. I finally found where I can cancel the subscription through apple iTunes BUT it won’t cancel until my 1 year is up. I know I saw somewhere, before I installed the app that I could cancel at any time. I think they forgot to add ... BUT YOU ARE OBLIGATED THE PAY THE ENTIRE YEAR. I’M FUMING. THIS IS A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT AND A SCAM !!!!

I lost my money

Bad app

not worth the money

i hate this app!! every time i need to use it...it cost extra! wish there was a good app for facing. i'll keep looking



Hope this worked

I sent a request for my dd214 and not sure it went through


It’s a subscription service, not a one purchase. Paid 6 weekly subscription fees before I realized it. Huge ripoff.

Incredibly misleading

This thing charged me $50 to send a single fax. Will dispute this charge with my bank unless refunded immediately. Not ok.

Easy and quick

Very easy to use. Allowed me add files from my cloud which I wasn’t able to do on another app and had to delete that one. Glad I found this app really helped me out and got to fax a lot for only five dollars.

Rip off

The description stats .99 cents yet after you send a fax a bill for 52.00 appears on your account. Evil people doing evil things.

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