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Confusing to start

Confusing to start


They withdraw $10 monthly and I have not approved the charges.

East to use

Easy to you happy with user interface!

Long wait

Takes forever for them to actually go through - good concept but I should have just gone to Staples

I feel suckered

The way the app advertises purchasing a weekly membership of .99 cents. I bought it as I only needed to send one fax. After I clicked yes to it, I got charged 50.99 ( whole year ). While Im sure they can say “technically” we told you it was .99 a week this is accurate. It was a very deceptive way to do it. Shame on me for not expecting that, shame on them for doing it.

Don’t bother!

Took days for my faxes to go thru and most never did. This app is a waste of time.

Be sure to cancel

I needed this to send a single fax, unfortunately that is not an option. So I was forced to buy the week subscription. It automatically renews and has no clear instructions on how to cancel. Be sure to read the fine print or you will rack up a serious bill.

Worst App Ever

Started as a “free” download, unless you want to actually use it then you have to pay for a subscription. Plus the interface is not intuitive, and not easy to follow. I had a very important fax not go through due to the poor quality of this service. I would not recommend to anyone to use a different eFax App.

Create app

I still had to pay

Does not work waste of time

Tried 3x to send a fax the app would say delivered and i would receive a notification saying delivered but the receiving party never got the faxes.ended up having to use staples.i want my subscription cancelled and refunded!

Waste of time

App will not process a 1 week subscription. Flip back to the year subscription without processing the week.

Love the fax

Very dependable. Thank you


Nice App but would prefer it not auto-charge and charge per Fax. Also, it's been notifying m every 30 secs that my fav was sent. Geez


You think you're paying a $4.99 price for a "one week subscription" to send a fax, then it auto-renews and charges you again every week in perpetuity until you catch on.

User friendly and reliable.

Would recommend to others.



Something is wrong

The settings button doesn’t have a do not renew action.

Not very user-friendly if usable

- Automatically turned up the contrast of all paged to where they became completely illegible. I have no clue why because I did not change any settings. - Could use a cover page field or at least, a subject line. .. checking out other fax apps


They said 0.99 Then when you do the purchase it coast you 50$ automatically I had to call my credit card Compny and stop the payment It’s b.s

Rip off

You can't pay to send one fax. They force you to subscribe $4.99. And the burden is on you to cancel. Total rip off!!


I downloaded this app for one time use. It said 0.99 a month then I get charged $55?! That’s unacceptable and I’ve sent an email already. This needs to be refunded


Do not get this app. After one use they continue to charge me week after week for a subscription I didn’t apply to. It wasn’t until I noticed the money being taken out of my account where I read it was an automatic subscription and I have no way to cancel it.


To much money to use.

Needs a lot of work and hidden charges

So far I’ve been notified that one fax has sent 176 times and no options to turn it off in the settings. Will be deleting promptly once I find out if I my fax was actually delivered

Not free!

Said it was free. Before you can send fax, you have to subscribe weekly for $50 per year


I too wanted to try and use the app. ONCE. As you get into it, it gives you the false sense of using the APP for ONLY a certain price. I canceled and would not recommend.

Attaching Docs from Send screen issue

I attempted to add doc at Send screen and the app closes out to my Home page. However, if I go to Docs screen, select and hit Send, it prepares the doc for sending. And it goes out.


I use to love the app but now that i have a new phone there is no way to sign in and transfer over credits. No contact information either to try and get assistance


Bought this app in a pinch, called to confirm receipt of fax and it is illegible. Waste of $5.

Keeps on sending and notifying

It keeps on sending me notifications that it sent a fax. Annoying.

Love it

It’s incredibly easy to operate, I love it

The app

Love it!


They say it’s $0.99 then you download it and you’re immediately charged $54! Their customer service won’t respond to you and I had to go through my card to file a charge back. BUYER BEWARE!

It gets the job done.

I really like the seamless functionality of this app but I chose the notification option and it has been notifying me once every minute for the last twelve minutes after faxing one document! That’s a bit worrying.

Bad service

Don’t get the app!! Can’t stop the service if you don’t like it. A rip.

So reliable

Awesome, handy.

Stay AWAY!!!

Horrible app!! Do not click!! I got charged for a year subscription 2 minutes after downloading it. They don’t even give you the trial. Customer support is non existent. Apple ID was phished & hacked. I cannot reccomend it enough that you steer clear from this app & its developers!!


I clicked on the one for 0.99 and was charged 55.83 will i be able to be refunded i do not need to fax anything for a year please help!!!!!


You have to purchase credits to use it not worth it a single page should be free but no they want you to pay $5 for a week of service. 👎🏿👎🏿🤬💩


They charged me $51 when all I wanted was a one time use to send one fax. I have sent 2 emails with no replies.


Great app!


Love it!

Not working for international numbers

Fax not sending. Adding a zero to an international number, where there should not be one. Forced me to buy a subscription to send one fax, and it’s not working. SCAM.

Works great, kind of complicated to cancel.

I needed to send over 60 pages via fax. I got the 4.99 weekly subscription. Way better than paying $1 per page at UPS. I will definitely use the app again if I ever need to fax. Cancelling is kind of complicated, because there are no clear instructions. That’s why I’m giving it 4 stars. To cancel you are going to have to log in to your iTunes account on your computer not on iPhone. Access your account. At bottom of the page under settings find subscriptions and click manage. You should see your fax from iPhone subscription.

Can't cancel

Signed up due to a need. Paid the $4.99. Says there is a way to cancel under setting but there is no clear way to cancel

Beware of auto renew

I just needed to send one fax. Which I paid for one week, $4.99. Kinda expensive for one fax but whatever. Then come to find out they have auto renew on without me clicking yes to it. Scammers. I ended up being billed 3 time so it cost $15 for one fax. Would like a refund on the last two billing periods as I never opted into auto renew.


I just needed to send one fax and was happy to pay a month fee for it. But when i was charged realized these guys automatically charged me a year instead of a month. Very deceptive. I’ve written for a refund and will update my review should I get a refund.


Do not use this App. I have spent hours.. literally hours trying to figure out how to stop being charged $5.30 per week. I will be promptly referring to BBB unless refunded for unwanted charges. Tim B

Works perfectly when you don’t have a fax

This is great. Works well when you take a pic of document.

Works great! Within 5 min my fax was sent

This app works great is really reliable. I bought one earlier and my fax never been sent but this app sent the fax within min. Works great highly recommend it!!!!!!

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