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Rip off app

Apple should get rid of this app. There is no place in the app to cancel. Don’t be fooled. I read a review here that told a step by step to cancel.

Cancel Subscription

Is there a way to do it from Your phone or iMac if you do not have IPad ?


I love this app.

Don’t waste your time or money.

This app hides a tiny little font with a color that blends with the background that you will be automatically billed after a short trial. That should be in a bold print in a contrasting color! I guess some apps have to cheat to make money. I would give it 5 negative stars if I had the option.


Amazing app


Esta aplicación funciona muy bien y es fácil de usar



Hard to cancel auto renewing feature

I don’t want the app to auto renew every week but instructions to cancel don’t work

Super Easy

Loving this app! I don’t need to fax anything very often...but this makes it so simple. Reasonably priced and reliable...highly recommend!

This app is horrible

I needed to send one fax and was forced into signing up for unlimited fax’s on a auto renew policy. Said to to cancel to just go to settings. So I went to the settings and there is nothing about cancellations. What a scam. Faxing is dead, hardly anybody sends fax’s anymore. So that is why they force you into a auto renew banking on you not canceling in time to get charged. Pretty good scam they have going:(

I do not want this app!

I did not opt for auto renewal. Can not figure out how to get rid of this and stop paying for something I don’t use!



Like it

I Liked it but im not using it as much to pay that amount weekly Thanks

Great App

I was able to download quickly and get a document faxed within minutes. I wish it was a way to get billed per usage instead of weekly because I don’t fax that often.

Still being charged

I think my faxes were sent which gets a star. But I canceled it the same day I got it because I only needed it for 3 faxes and I just got a message that I was charged again and I canceled (under subscriptions on my phone) last week?? So now what?

Non trustable

Careful people. This guys charge me twice the price !!!

Not thrilled

The app claims a free trial week but still charges you for the week. Disappointing...

Tricked me into purchasing a subscription. Terrible app

Tricky app. Bait and switch on purchasing a subscription. Next thing you know, you’re charged $50 for nothing!!

Works great

I had an emergency and needed to fax something quickly. This app worked fine! No regrets

Does not include Peru

I downloaded the app. and I need to send use it for Perú but it does not have Perú on the recepient list. Also am trying to cancel the subscription but so far I can’t find how to do so from my iPhone.

Hidden Charges

The app works well, but they sign you up for regular “subscriptions” without asking you. I really felt cheated. (They stole about $50)

Easy Fax app

I had tried to email a PDF file that failed to download/print for the recipient so I decided to try a fax app from my phone as that’s all I have access to at the moment. The first couple of apps were too limited in their initial use. This app required a signup trial but it seemed to send my lengthy fax just fine. I haven’t heard back from the recipient yet so we shall see. Make note: cancel trial if you not need to continue to send faxes. Two thumbs up so far for this one.

No sirve!!

No trabaja es un Engaño

Warning! Don’t be suckered into auto-renewal

I was at my children’s pediatrician when they recommended I use this app to send a fax to them. Four days later I received a notification about an auto renewal for $5.99. No where do I recall reading this whatsoever. I feel like I was duped into a subscription service I do not want to. You have been warned!

No tengo interés en esta aplicación.

Ofrecen un servicio gratuito y después que uno ingresa y suministra información entonces se entera uno de que el servicio ofrecido es solo por 3 horas y que a partir de allí cargan 6 dólares semanales. Creo que tienen que advertir a los clientes de las condiciones antes de requerir información. Además no existe o no es fácil ubicar la opción de rechazar la solicitud. Les pido abstenerse de usar o utilizar mis datos, teléfonos o cuentas para realizar cualquier cargo y que respondan confirmando la recepción de este mensaje y la garantía de que no he solicitado ningún servicio por parte de Uds.

Tricked into paying

I tried to cancel the subscription for this app by deleting it, but later, when checking my credit card statement, I was charged $6.33 for an app I didn’t even want!! Such a scam!!!

What a great product!

I faxed from the comfort of my home. The app sent it and let me know when it was delivered.

Bend over!!!

Once you sign up for their “automatic charges” it is impossible to stop them. I have asked for THREE consecutive weeks to opt out of the billing as I only used the app once. They keep charging me. It’s a $$$$mine!!!!

Love this app

I love this app it’s so easy to use. I’m so thankful someone thought of this.

SCAM!!! Do not download!!!

To download this, they will give you a week free trial. However, there is no way to deactivate the account! This is illegal and I have notified them and they informed me that they can not deactivate accounts either. I have an active complaint with Apple about this

App works great but....$$$$

App works great when you need it but you can’t manage your subscription like it says and you can’t cancel it. When try to send communication on subscription it asks you to send information on troubleshooting


Okay as transmission app. But just try to stop a subscription. It is not in Customer Settings, nor anyplace else found easily if at all.

Didn’t work

I bought 1 week and tried to send documents about 10 pages It was no working

Impossible to cancel!!

Didn’t work. This app is impossible to cancel!!

BEWARE! Auto-Renews @ $24/mo!!!

What a scam! I never even used this app but had downloaded it. Months after the download, it started charging me $6/week! I didn’t notice at first because I had made some other purchases, but realized after 5 weeks and $32 later...all for an app I didn’t use. Apps that do this should be MUCH clearer that this will happen automatically without notification. It’s no better than phishing or a scam, unethical and unscrupulous business practices! I wouldn’t support this company if I were you.


Great app

Worst app

Horrible they charge u and it does not work. Can’t unsubscribe.

Review of my experience

I didn’t appreciate telling me the app was free and when I continued was told it was a 3 day free trial and my account would be charged $5.99 a week. I immediately canceled the account hoping that my request will be handled immediately . No phone numbers to call , just an email address to send your request . I don’t understand why everyone to hiding the truth about their apps when up front information would be best .

Great App

This app works fast and great. I highly recommend it:-)

Rip off

Don’t download this app!!! Automaticity signs you up for a subscription that last a year at 51.00$

Tricky Auto-renew payments

Make sure you know how to manage iTunes subscriptions. You can’t change your subscription inside this app, you have to do it through iTunes. I was hit with a $5.99 charge despite the app telling me I had zero credits. I thought that meant I wasn’t enrolled in anything. Refunds are also processed through the iTunes Store, which is another step and another pain. Now I am going back through my iTunes account to make sure I was only charged once. App worked well, but the payment system is tricky. Next time I’ll be using something else that has a more straightforward payment system, better user interface, and easier customer service.

Best thang

This handy app is good for when you are on the go and live in the business world, and hard to get to a fax machine

Do not use

This app does not work at all. I was never able to send one single fax. Bought it to avoid going to a Copy Center to send a fax and ultimately ended up going to the CC and paying AGAIN for the service... al least I received the service at the CC. This app is a total waist of money.

Best faxing app ever

I have tried numerous faxing apps and this is the one anyone can use that needs to fax on the go for personal or business use. Unlimited faxes each month is awesome!!!

Great app to faxe worldwide

I love this app, and I also use it to faxe anywhere even my country Senegal in West Africa. Easy to use and great.... Thanks!

Great program but they bait you

I have been a member with these guys for months. They’ve had issues where the faxing doesn’t even work. I’ve been on the 9.99 unlimited per month and wondering why faxes were not working. Well seems like they updated the app and it never sent an update to my phone. I go back to the App Store and see BPmobile just released this version while I’m still paying for the last version that I can’t even convert my membership over to the improved app. I just cancelled my last subscription just now and I believe that you guys at BPmobile should credit me at least two months worth (20.00) to a new subscription to the updated app. That was very misleading and I was paying for something that wasn’t working the last few months.


Does not send faxes clearly, they come through to the recover microscopic

Not happy with app at all

This app doesn’t work I’ve tried to contact this customer service person to get my money back or fix the problem and neither has happened yet..

Does not work

Lucky the first couple days are free because this app is a joke and will not work, the reviews are mostly paid or program bots to make it sound like it’s good.


love it

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