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Do not use this App. I have spent hours.. literally hours trying to figure out how to stop being charged $5.30 per week. I will be promptly referring to BBB unless refunded for unwanted charges. Tim B

Won’t work and paid my $4.50

This does not work just says connecting to server for the last hour

Works perfectly when you don’t have a fax

This is great. Works well when you take a pic of document.

Works great! Within 5 min my fax was sent

This app works great is really reliable. I bought one earlier and my fax never been sent but this app sent the fax within min. Works great highly recommend it!!!!!!

Don’t do it.

Yes, the app works. But before you know it, you’ve been charged 38.99 and not your 4.99 as advertised. I cancelled the subscription right away, to try and get the other price, but it was too late. I hope I’m not charged an additional 4.99. I’ve also opened up a case with the resolution center. Don’t do it.

Love the flexibility

Truly enjoy. Welcome option to traditional fax mode. Very convenient.

Charged my card automatically

This app charged my credit card $50.99 but I wanted to pay as I go instead of paying for a full year. I’m waiting to hear from customer service on getting the charges reversed will update.

Stole my money

Sent my fax allegedly, fax was never delivered.


I dont want to pay $5 a week.... i dont fax that much.... where are the day rates?????

My experience

I used this app once. Somehow got signed up for auto billing. Even with charging me weekly showed I had no credits to use to fax. My bank filed claim git my money back. Changed cards Apple security reset my account now they are charging me again even after deleting app and filing a claim. This is ridiculous ! 😡


They charge more money than they said

Fax App

All I can say is it saves me a lot of trips to staples and I only pay a weekly fee when I need to use it.


This has to rank as the best app that I use.


DO NOT use this App but if you do, DO NOT purchase credits until you absolutely need them. They will reduce your balance to zero and keep the money in your account if you change phones! And they don’t think it’s STEALING because they choose to say they fall under Apple’s Consumable in-app purchases policy. Apple DOESN’T say you WILL lose those purchases, they say you MIGHT lose them. This App chooses to STEAL your credits and money! They are THIEVES who stole $50 worth of my credits when I updated my iPhone and are now hiding behind a vague Apple App advisory. And Apple is just as bad for allowing them to do it. Apple should remove their App for treating their mutual customers this way. What do you want to bet that Apple gets a share of that $ 50 they stole from me?

Price to high but great

Price to high but great app.

Great App

Easy to use and very convenient.

App Doesn't Work

I had to download another app to send my fax. Your app couldn't find a server. The other app sent my fax with no problems.


This app is amazing

Very simple to use

I was surprised at how easy it was to use this app. I have been very pleased!

Not worth the investment

Can't see how anyone who only needs an occasional fax sent would invest the time into downloading the app and then spending a minimum of $5 to use it.

Costs Too Much!

I check out FAX apps a lot... my company uses electronic faxes to communicate and turn business paperwork on the go. The application itself is good, but the price to send faxes is way too high. Also, faxes cannot be saved to the phone for further reference or to send via backup email. $4.99 a week is TOTALLY outrageous.

Didn't work

I tried to send a very important fax and the recipient never got it

So easy to use

I love this app

Worst app worst customer service

Have been trying to contact customer service no response send 2 emails no response on teor instruction they say to go to settings to turn off the auto renewals I don't get the option. But of course why have a very detail explanation or reply to a customer request when they have been trying to cancel right? Scam Scam Scam. I highly don't recommend. Oh in order to input the rate you are obligated to give at least one star. But is no star at all of my part

Awesome App

I downloaded it and used it the same day. Love having a fax machine at my fingertips.

Fax your way

This is pretty cool because it does text the outside perimeter of the page. But you can also adjust it if it's a little off. You can choose to have a notification sent wants your fax has finally gone through. It would be nice if you could have like one free fax a week or a month. But the credits are about the same as anywhere else was 10 credits per page.

Shows ads after buying credits

Annoying ads still on screen after I pay them $15 to send a single fax. No smaller credits option, so hopefully you get your money's worth out of it.


This is very useful when you don't have access to a fax and need something to be sent right away

Very expensive

The coast is crazy

Too expensive and the faxed document was blank

The credits are too expensive and you are left with extra credits that you will forget about or never use. It should cost $15 to send one faxed documents. Also, when I finally faxed my document, I noticed that the fields were blank. Caution on using this. I think the app needs some work to really help make this the new standard. Please take this feedback and improve the App experience. Not happy with having paid $15 for credits and to have a document faxed with blank fields.


Gone threw ten apps today and this one did the job in less time than others what a relief very excited to use again I really would give not 5 but 10 stars if I could

Works very well.

I've used about 4 times, and it hasn't let me down yet.

Expensive to fax

Downloaded app and had to purchase points only to find out the one fax I needed to send would cost $15 in points. Now I have $5 of points that I'll probably never use.



Unable to carry over my credits

Easy to use but I couldn't send a fax yesterday Bc the server was down so waited until today to see if it was resolved and got a message when opening the app stating I had to update the app to send faxes. Downloaded new app and Went to send the fax and realized none of my credits transferred over so had to purchase more credits when I had existing credits fully paid for on the prior version. I Can't find any info on how to transfer them over??

Easy to use

this app is easy to used but to used it they will charge you

Not reliable

Server has been down all day and was not able to fax an important document.

It isn't free

I signed up for this because it said free and one page cost me $4.98. Not happy but needed to send a fax and don't have a fax machine anymore.

Did not fully work

I used the free app to try and send a fax and was unsuccessful and I had no credits. I was given the option to purchase the app for $3.99 and I would get 75 credits. After I purchased the app and tried to fax I was given a server maintenance message. Why didn't I get this server maintenance message when I was using the free app. I feel like I was tricked into purchasing the app. I hope the developers will give me 75 credits that's not showing or more credits for the inconvenience.

Not free

Da fudge

Send 3 pages for $5

It cost $5 for sending 3 pages? What a rip off,


This app is useless. Must purchase credits a minimum of 30 credits (at $4.99) to use.

Great app

Very good app, very easy to use! Highly recommend.

Buyer beware

Good app. Got me out of a jam but it's not free it's really $3.99

Excellent app

I've used this several times. Works like a charm

Great product; pricing difficult to understand

This app is a simple way to transmit documents from your iPhone. The cost to fax one item was more than the "pro version" of the app. That is not clear. I paid for my fax and upgraded to the pro version, effectively paying twice the amount to send a single fax. That notwithstanding, this is still an easy way to fax documents images from your phone, via your phone. Worth the price of figuring out how to use the app.


Easy to use .. makes it simple to fax from home

Does the job

The App does the job. The only complaint that I have is I had to pay $4.99 to get 30 credits then after I did it and sent the fax it offered me the pro version for $3.99. UNSAT developer! I like the app but that was shady.

Awesome App.!!!

Works excellent and very convenient!!!👍🏼

Hurray Technology!

Goodbye Kinko's!😁 Im on sick leave and boy this makes sending claim forms and so on easy and fast! Im simply amazed at where technology is taking us...this change is GREAT!

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